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Baby Dedication

This is a special time for parents to dedicate their children, 3 and under, to the Lord in front of the church family as well as a time for the church family to vow to their support.    It will take place during the morning Origins services at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.  This will be strictly limited to 5 babies per service. During the dedication portion of the service, parents, siblings, and the child being dedicated will be presented to the congregation. Parents and the congregation will exchange dedication vows with Dr. Mark Estep, and he will have a prayer of dedication for the children.  

Once you complete registration, we encourage you as parents to prayerfully choose a scripture for your child. This scripture will be presented during your dedication as well.  At Spring Baptist Church, we also urge parents to choose Encouragers for their child. Encouragers are charged with dedicating themselves to prayer, mentorship, and spiritual guidance throughout the child’s life. Because grandparents and family members naturally fulfill these roles, we ask parents to choose Sunday school teachers, Christian mentors or friends.

You are welcome to invite any and all Encouragers, friends, and family members to be present with you on this morning.  As always, there are Sunday school classes both hours for children birth to youth as well as life groups for all adult ages.  This new format of Baby Dedication should not interfere with your normal Sunday morning routines and classes.

Registration for Baby Dedication must be done online.

REGISTER HERE for January 28, 2018.