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Anointed Transformed Redeemed

The Study of David by Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, and Kay Arthur. 

Women's Study

These three women explored their lives and the life of David in this bible study. The messages presented by these beloved authors are divided into three segments, two lessons from each author. Each segment focuses on the life of David at a different stage of his life: as a young man (sessions one and two by Priscilla Shirer), as a middle-aged man (sessions three and four by Beth Moore), and as a man facing the final third of his life (sessions five and six by Kay Arthur). You’ll laugh with them, cry with them, and learn to love God with them.

Wednesday Morning
9:30 am in A105
Cost:  $13
Led by:  Kathy Cook




Hebrews Part 1 - Consider Jesus, Your Merciful High Priest

Co-Ed Precept Study

In these last days, God has spoken to us in His Son. What does He say about Jesus, angels, and our great salvation? Learn about Jesus' superiority to all in this exciting study of Hebrews that enlightens and enlivens Old Testament law and prophecy.

Wednesday Nights
6:30 pm in Room A110
Led by:  Dale Adkins
Book cost:  $25

5 Keys to Lesson Planning-

Co-Ed Study 

5 Keys to Lesson Planning is a 6-week Class for Life Group Teachers which uses their curriculum tools to develop a relevant, interactive, life application Bible Study Lesson. It will employ a practicum approach where the Class will work on their next Life Group Lesson applying what they learn each week.

Wednesday Nights
6:30 pm in Room D305
Cost: None
Led by Charles Draper

Pray Like This

Prayer is the most dynamic discipline in the life of a believer. Yet it may be the most misunderstood and the least taught. This six-session study shows believers that following Jesus’ Model Prayer will lead them to fall more in love with God and grow in their desire to engage in conversation with Him. 

In this study you’ll see the significance of starting your prayers by acknowledging God as Father. You’ll learn what it means for His name to be recognized as holy. You’ll discover what you’re asking God to do when you pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. You’ll see what Jesus meant when He told us to ask God for daily bread. You’ll understand the importance of asking for forgiveness in your prayers. The study ends by emphasizing the need to ask God to deliver us from the evil one.

Wednesday Night
6:30 pm in Room D306
Cost: $10
Led by:  Laura Hazelwood


It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.

This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before.

“Going to GriefShare feels like having warm arms wrapped around you when you’re shivering.”

GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. Each GriefShare session has three distinct elements:

* Video seminar with experts
Each week your GriefShare group will watch a video seminar featuring top experts on grief and recovery subjects. These videos are produced in an interesting television magazine format featuring expert interviews, real-life case studies, dramatic reenactments, and on-location video.

*Support group discussion with focus
After viewing the video, you and the other group members will spend time as a support group, discussing what was presented in that week’s video seminar and what is going on in your lives.

* Personal study and reflection
During the week you will have the opportunity to use your workbook for further personal study of the grieving process and to help sort out your emotions through journaling. Your group will spend time discussing questions and comments from the workbook study.

Wednesday Night
6:30 pm in Room D100
Cost:  $15
Led by:  Bob & Jackie Hatcher




Me, Myself & Lies by Jennifer Rothschild

Women's Study 

A thought closet Makeover

This is a 7 session study that encourages you to clean out the junk in your mind and replace hidden negative thoughts with positive truths from God's word.

Words are powerful. Especially the words women speak to themselves. All too often, what we say to ourselves when we lie in bed at night or look in the mirror in the morning is not even close to the words God wants us to speak to our souls. What we think about often has a ripple effect on nearly every area of our lives

Wednesdsay Nights
6:30 pm in Room D208
Led by:  Elaine Hurtado
Book cost:  $13

Share Jesus Without Fear

Co-Ed Study

Ever wish you had an easy way to express to others the joy you've found in Christ?

Ever regret not sharing the simple Truths because you were afraid?

If you answered yes to either, you are not alone. Share Jesus Without Fear can help you can learn practical helps to present the compelling message of God's saving grace from author Bill Fay.

Share Jesus Without Fear equips you to communicate your faith in Jesus with confidence and without fear! This easy-to-use, relational approach to witnessing teaches that you cannot fail in sharing your faith if you depend on the power of God for the results. Discover ways to guide a witnessing conversation without fear of failure or rejection.

What Is Share Jesus Without Fear

How many of us have been the means by which someone came to know the Lord Jesus Christ? One study revealed that most followers of Christ rarely, if ever, witness to the lost because of our strucggle with four major fears:

  • Fear of rejection?
  • Fear of not knowing enough?
  • Fear of offending?
  • Fear of ridicule or persecution?

God provides the opportunity to witness, and He promises His power to help us. Yet, we simply say no, because of fear. But to say no to God for any reason is a sin.

To give into any of these fears is to practice the sin of silence. But, you don't have to be afraid! Resist the temptation to believe your weaknesses are unchangeable. In prayer, honestly share with God your fears of witnessing in prayer. Focus your heart on the strength that matters--the presence of God and the assurance of His power!

It is not your strengths that will bring you the power to share Jesus with a lost person. It is your dependence on His power. Successful witnessing is about obedience and dependence. Your greatest strength is your willingness to trust God as your partner in guiding a lost brother or sister, parent, son or daughter, colleague at work, or stranger to know God's saving grace.

Wednesday Night
6:30 pm in D304
Cost:  $8
Led by:  Jon Crenshaw


The Support you need.  Information you trust.

Unless you've been there, it's hard to understand the hurt that comes from separation and divorce.  That's why many of your friends an family don't fully understand what you are going through and don't know how best to help you. 

We do.  Our DivorceCare group is led by people who have been through divorce and successfully rebuilt their lives. We understand how you feel because we've been in the same place.  We'll show you how to deal with the hurt caused by divorce or seperation.

DivorceCare is a support group that meets weekly.  You'll find it to be a warm, caring environment and will come to see your group as an "oasis" in an otherwise difficult season of your life.  There are three key parts to your DivorceCare experience:

•Video Seminar
•Support Group

Wednesday Night
6:30 pm in Room D300
Cost:  $15
Led by:  Shelly Harrison & Joe Garza Jr

DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)

DivorceCare for Kids is a special group to help children heal from the hurt caused by the separation or divorce of their parents.  At our weekly DC4K group, kids make friends with other kids who understand how they feel and the things they are going through because of the separation or divorce of their parents.

Best of all, children will learn how God's love can strengthen them and help turn tears to hope and joy!

DC4K is designed for children ages 5 to 12 whose parents are separated or divorced.

DC4K is a fun and interesting group that meets weekly. This group creates a fun atmosphere where children feel comfortable and accepted by using the following activities. 

•Story time
•DVD dramas
•Group discussion

This group features biblical teaching to help children recover from the hurt of separation and divorce. 

Wednesday Night
6:30 pm in Room D302
Cost:  $15
Led by:  Shantha Stokes & Nicole Palm