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Harvey Relief Center Pictures

It's so exciting to be able to help people! We have all been affected by the flood, and it is great to be able to brighten someone's day! 

Blessings to all who come through our doors! May you meet Jesus here through the hands and feet of his people who have donated items and hours to help ease the pain and make these coming days more bearable.

What a thrill it to see all the volunteers working to help our community and the beautiful smiles on their faces! 

We've come to a transition time – As of Friday, September 8, the clothes, bedding, and food pantry are being packed up to be taken out of our rooms to the community, and volunteers with the Southern Baptists of Texas Disaster Relief Team have arrived to begin their part of the work to help those who are still in need of mudouts and cleanup. To assist these teams, Spring Baptist is in the process of constructing a laundry room that will house six sets of washers and dryers. In addition, a shower facility has already been brought in for their use as well. You will see some of those areas in the pictures as well.

Our kitchen is open and being staffed by volunteers to provide meals for the SBTC Disaster Relief Teams. What a blessing today to receive 100 unbaked pizzas given by a local pizza company!