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Missions Ministry

The Missions Ministry of Spring Baptist Church

Purpose and Goals:

• To assist our church in teaching and practicing Matthew 28:19-20:
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.“

• To provide mission opportunities and exposure by sponsoring and assisting with mission trips and mission activity participation.

• To encourage and support mission efforts :
First, mission efforts initiated, sanctioned, and sponsored by our church,
Secondly, local efforts that provide our membership participation opportunities,
Thirdly, those activities that are addressing major causes and needs


The Missions Ministry is overseen by Rev. Jerry Castleman and Raul Ponce. The 2013 Mission Council members are: Josh Lee, Bill Barrett, Nicole Palm, darrell Stein, David Attaway, and Greg Bruce.

Currently active Missions Ministry activities include:

• Maintaining a church owned “Mission House” for furloughing IMB missionaries.
• Helping fund snacks for two church sponsored after school Good News Clubs.
• Provide monthly financial support to the following ministries:

*Tryon Evergreen Baptist Association (TEBA)
*Mission Greenspoint   
*Tipi Wakan Church    
*Pregnancy Assistance Center North (PACN)
*Fellowship of Christian Athletics (FCA)
*Campus Renewal Ministries
*SBC Good News Clubs
*Hudson Valley Baptist Association

Spring Baptist Church is a aligned with and supports the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) and Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). A percentage (about 7 ½%) of all General Fund receipts are sent to support our state and national conventions.

Additionally, the Missions Council promotes Mission giving all year long, with emphasis annually in October to support the Foreign, Home, State, and Local mission efforts. This mission funding process allows Spring Baptist members to learn, experience, and participate in various mission events, activities and trips.


Spring Baptist Mission House