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Spring Baptist History

Our History

April 22, 1913 – A Missionary Baptist Church was organized at Spring, Texas. At that meeting, the church was named "Spring Baptist Church," and Bro. G.M. Daniels was called as the first Pastor. The citizens of Spring erected a building which both Methodists and Baptists used.

September, 1923 – The church voted to launch a building campaign, and regular Wednesday night prayer meetings began.

1936 – Spring Baptist Church was reorganized. Homer Davenport was called as full-time Pastor, and an ordination service was held (the first one of this kind held at Spring Baptist Church).

1938 – Spring Baptist Church purchased a parsonage and started Sunday School classes and Training Union.

July, 1946 – The church acquired another building for Sunday School rooms and another lot.

1951 – The church began contributing to the cooperative program and associational missions. The Baptist Standard was sent to every home, and an education building was built.

July, 1954, to August, 1956 – Bro. Vernon Deitrich was called as Pastor. During the next two years, the Sunday School was completely graded and departmentalized, and an Hispanic Mission was established. The associational magazine, The Baptist Messenger, was added to the budget to be sent to every church family. Improvements were made in the auditorium, a church library, new church office, and pastor’s study were added, and new equipment was purchased for the education building. Church membership during this time grew from 137 to 216.

1958 – Dr. Harlan Caton became Pastor.

1983 – A new Worship Center was completed and dedicated to the Lord.

1986 – Dr. Forrest Lowry became Pastor.

Early 1990’s – The chapel was built by a group of church builders.

1997 – Dr. Mark Estep came on as Co-Pastor with Dr. Forrest Lowry.

2001 – The current Education wing was built.

2002 – Dr. Mark Estep became Senior Pastor when Dr. Forrest Lowry left to pursue other ministries.

2007 – Klein Campus was added as our second campus.

2008 – The Youth Building was completed.

As we continue to seek God’s will for the ministries of Spring Baptist Church, we also seek His plan to handle our growth—to have adequate facilities and appropriate ministries for the number and ages of people attending. With the recent announcement of a large corporation relocating to our area from downtown, we anticipate having the opportunity to minister to many more families as we seek to meet the spiritual needs in our community. We are looking forward to welcoming them into our family of believers.