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Packing A Shoe Box


Here are some suggestions from the Operation Christmas Child Committee: 

First, pick up the  brochure: "How to Pack Your Shoebox Gift" located in the foyers. Then here are some additional ideas:

Small homemade toys, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. Girls shirts, PJ’s, panties, skirts, shorts, jeans, games, toys, puzzles – Purchase small boxed puzzles from $ Store.  Cut off the front picture of puzzle.  Place in a baggie along with the puzzle pieces from the box.  

McDonald’s Toys, Chick-fil-a Toys, Birthday favors (whistles, bracelets, balloons, games, etc. (Found at Walmart), Craft kits for Christmas from Hobby Lobby, Oriental Trading online.

School supplies – Small spirals, pens, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, water colors, glues ticks, pens.

Girls Gifts – Stuffed animals, dolls, jewelry, hair bows, clips, ribbons, head bands, Brushes, combs. 

Shoes – flip flops, visors, scarfs, gloves, bandanas, socks, house slippers, hats, visors, caps, gloves.

Hygiene kits in small baggies that include – Q-tips, safety pins, toothbrush, paste, feminine products, mini or maxi pads, cotton pads to wipe abrasions, bar soap, washcloth.

Boys Gifts – Hammer, screw driver, flashlights, batteries, balls, yo-yo’s, school supplies, trucks and cars, whistles, soccer balls are very special to them.  It can be deflated to fit the box and add a pump with inflation needles.

Hygiene kits in small baggies for boys – Deodorant, wash cloth, bar soap, combs, brush, Q-tips, safety pins, toothbrush and paste.

Shoes – Flip flops, socks, caps, bandanas, colorful t-shirts in youth large, and x-large.

Safety kits – Q-tips, ace bandage, gauze, safety pins, flashlights, batteries, solar calculator, screw drivers, small hammers.  These can be used to do small work jobs in their homes..

Fishing Kits in Crystal Lite plastic containers with tight fit lids. Put in fishing monofilament, filament, or small braided fishing line, 2 or 3 different size hooks, realistic fishing lures, plastic floats, orange/red/white plastic floats or bobbers(corks) to go on the line to indicate when a fish is biting, a few lead sinkers. Maybe a note can be included with any artificial lures that says Do Not Eat, For Fishing Only, Careful.  The people who distribute these gifts can read English.

NO CANDY. If will be removed from the box in Dallas.

Remember no liquids of any kind are allowed.  It is taken out of the box in Dallas.

Try to have one "WOW" gift and the rest can be small, pretty, fun, useful.