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Student Mission Trip Spring 2012

Mississippi Trip 2012

On my trip to Mississippi, I had an amazing time. To be honest, I was definitely nervous stepping foot anywhere near the youth. I did not know anyone from the Fuse youth, and I think it was such a great experience to spend time with them. Being from the Hispanic Ministry, it was nice to see all of us just put our differences aside and realize that we are a family. The main thing that hit me hard in the head is the idea that we are apart of something greater than ourselves. It is not about us but it is all about Him who gave us life. The organization that was in charge of the project that we were a part of was called “World Changers.” Now the name of the organization means so much more than just a name. That name is so special because most of the youth came back home believing that they could be and are world changers even if to one person’s world. Over all, it was amazing to see not only the companionships formed through the time of hands on work, but also the fellowship among the church when the time of worship and devotion came around. God showed me that we can all be World Changers together, no matter where we come from or what our differences are.