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The Rest of Us

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"The Rest of Us"

This Life group is designed for ALL single adults.

Whether you have just become single, have always been single, are dating, in a committed relationship or fall under the umbrella of singlehood. This Life Group is designed for you! This is a unique co-ed, non-age specific, and blended  group that will allow you to learn from God's Word while learning from one another how to live and celebrate life during all phases of singlehood.

We chose "The Rest of Us" as our Life Group name because non-married individuals often experience a sense of "What about the rest of us?" when church is generally focused on the family.  Singles often have pressures not experienced by married couples. You can find a sense of belonging here at Spring Baptist Church!  

The promise of Jesus in Matthew 11:28 states "Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Here at "The Rest of Us", you may choose to share your joys and difficulties with one another as you find your rest in Christ.

There will be lots of activities that will allow you to build friendships up and down the age, experience and interest range. Come and join us in this exciting new class!