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Vision 2020


With excitement, we are into the next phase of our Vision 2020 projects. The current funds designated to Vision 2020 will be used to complete the next two items on our list, which include the build-out of the second floor of the Youth Building and a new sound system for the Worship Center on the Spring Campus. As before, the work will be completed as the funds are available for the work to be done. Please give regularly so these items can be completed.



October 7, 2012, was designated as Vision 2020 Sunday. The congregation was asked to give an offering that would be used toward the completion of the next five projects:

1. Fence the maintenance/shop area and painte the buildings for added security and to hide it from guest using the Louetta entrance.

2. Update our Worship Center foyer and hallways by replacing the wood paneling with sheetrock and paint, and put down new floor coverings.

3. Add an acoustical treatment to the balcony wall inside the Worship Center auditorium as a first step to improving our auditorium sound. This first step acoustical treatment is recommended as a result of an acoustical engineering survey/study of our auditorium.

4. Add technology access and capacity to our auditorium and classrooms.

5. Build out the second floor of the Youth Building for added Sunday School classroom space.

 Projects were to be completed as Vision 2020 funds became available.

Following are some pictures of the remodel of the Worship Center foyer and hallways, including men and women's restroom areas: