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Spring Baptist Church attributes its success in presenting the gospel message to all ages to the amazing leadership, example, and commitment of its volunteers. The volunteers are made up of God-called individuals who take their personal ministries seriously and approach their jobs with integrity and dedication. If you are called by God to volunteer at Spring Baptist Church, we welcome you.

Areas Where You Can Serve:

Nursery, Preschool, Children, and Youth – If you would like to volunteer for a position that involves babies, preschoolers, children, or youth, we ask that you complete the following forms and submit them to the staff person in charge of the ministry in which you will be volunteering (i.e. Kelli Gore, nursery; Catherine Post, preschool; or Ryan Bradshaw or Julie Kendrick, children's teachers or workers, Awana leaders or helpers; Laura Hazelwood, children's music leaders and helpers; Tim Young, youth teachers and workers; Kathy Cook, Early Learning Center; Jeanie Austin, Mother's Day Out).

Guidelines for Volunteers

Leadership Application

Leadership in Adult Classes – Contact Mark Harrison's office for more information.

Ushers – Men who are willing to help provide an organized atmosphere of worship and take up the offering during worship services. The usher is a door keeper who helps insure an orderly flow before, during, and after the worship services. Contact Jerry Castleman to volunteer.

Greeters – Men and women to provide a welcoming and friendly first impression to guests of Spring Baptist Church and to provide guidance and courteous help as the hub of information on Sunday mornings. Contact Jerry Castleman to volunteer.

Volunteers for Christ – Men and women who will volunteer to be a special friend to a widow or widower and help with the two luncheons in their honor during the spring of the year and at Christmas. Contact the Pastoral Care Office to volunteer.

Library – Men and women who enjoy working with people and with books. Contact Pastoral Care Office to volunteer.

Ol' Geezers – Retired men who enjoy helping with special projects around the church. Usually meet on Thursdays, and several coffee breaks and lunch are a requirement. Contact the church office for more information (281-353-5448).

Friday Folders – Ladies who enjoy donuts, coffee, and fellowship while they fold the weekly bulletin on Friday mornings. Join us at 8:00 in the lunch room at the Spring Campus any Friday that you are available.


Child Safety

Prevention of Children and Youth Abuse Policy

This policy is to be followed to become a paid or volunteer worker who works with Preschoolers, Children, and Youth.

All workers, paid and volunteer with Preschoolers, Children and Youth must:
• Submit a complete “Screening Form for Working with Preschoolers, Children, or Youth” (Form 12-12)
• Submit a completed “Criminal Records Check Authorization” (form 12-14)
• Submit a completed “Affidavit of Good Moral Character” (form 12-15)
• Submit a completed “Agreement Between Leaders and Spring Baptist Church” showing they have read and agree to Child Care Standards booklet.
• Attend an orientation class discussing our Prevention of Children and Youth Abuse Policy.

Click here to fill out these forms online. You may also print them and bring them to class with you.

Ministry Supervisors must:
• Complete a “Worker Interview Evaluation” (form 11-19)
• Complete a “Reference Check” (form 11-20)
• Forward all completed forms to Human Resources.

Human Resources (Nancy Akin) will:
• Verify that all required forms are complete
• Complete a criminal background check
• If no disqualifying information is found, prepare a photo ID for the worker.
• Notify the worker’s supervisor of approval or rejection and if approved, provide the worker’s photo ID
• Maintain the completed forms and research records in a secure file, by worker, for future reference.

All workers are required to wear their photo ID at all times while working.
There are additional requirements for volunteers or paid staff that qualify you to be a part of overnight activities, camps, and mission trips. This information is provided by the staff assistant over that activity.